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The easiest way to track and manage all your job applications

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JAM - Job Application Manager

JAM(Job Application Manager) is a simple, convenient app to quickly and easily track and mange your job applications

You can store the following information about a Job and Recruiter:

Date AppliedName
Stage (Applied, Interviewing, Offered, Rejected)Company
Job TitleContact Number
CompanyContact Email
Contract Type (Full-time, Part-time, Contract)
Work Style (Hybrid, On-site, Remote)
Applied Via
Job Listing Url

Benefits of JAM

  • Keeping track of your job applications helps you stay organized by seeing all your applications in one place
  • Track what jobs you've applied to and what stage of the process they're in
  • Manage a list of recruiters and their contact information
  • You can easily contact the recruiter for each job application
  • You can easily access information about the positions you've applied for, including application applied date, company name, job title, salary, recruiter details, etc

  • Performance Evaluation: Tracking your job applications provides insights into your progress. You can review how many applications you've submitted, the response rate, the number of interviews you've secured, and any offers you've received. This data helps you analyze your job search strategy and make adjustments as needed

  • Avoiding Duplication: A tracking system prevents you from accidentally applying to the same position more than once, which can reflect poorly on your professionalism

  • Record of Accomplishments: Keeping track of your job applications serves as a record of your job search efforts. This can be particularly useful when updating your resume, creating a portfolio, or discussing your job search journey with mentors or career advisors

  • Boosting Confidence: Seeing your progress and efforts documented can provide a sense of accomplishment and motivation during a potentially challenging job search process


  • No sign-in or account required
  • All entries are stored locally on your device
  • No personal data collected
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